MochiBits, LLC
Based in Los Angeles and Manila

Founding date:
January 2010



Press / Business Contact:
press at mochibits dot com

Skype: MochiBits

Word Gobble
Word Wall
4 Words
Left Vs Right
Spell N Link

PO Box 515381 #23820
Los Angeles, CA 90051


MochiBits is a two-man independent game company run by Kyle Yamamoto and Howard Go. Their goal is to simply make fun games for iOS and Android. Currently, MochiBits has 11 games self-published.


The Beginning

MochiBits started in 2010 when Kyle released a few very VERY simple iOS apps for fun. They were successful in that it was just cool to see something on the app store that got downloads.

The Bro-mance

Kyle was looking to move on from his overseas startup job in the Philippines. It was by chance that Kyle was introduced to Howard through their wives. They lived in different cities, but both shared the same passion and enthusiasm for games. In late 2010, Howard and Kyle started the first of many bro-mance meetings. It was in this first meeting they came up with the idea for SwipeTapTap. While SwipeTapTap was not successful in terms of revenue, they were very fortunate to get a New and Noteworthy distinction from the App Store. This feature was very important because it gave them the spark and movitvation to try to live the dream... Making games full time.

Word Games

MochiBits first word game was Word to Word, and it was released in August 2011. Word to Word is a simple word association matching game. To date, this has been their most successful game. It was in the top 10 word games for the first 3 months, and since then it has been consistently in the top 50 word games. Toward the end of 2011, they released Word to Word: Themes, and Word to Word: Seasons. In 2012, MochiBits released Word Wall, Word Link, and Word Stack.


MochiBits is continuing work on their brain training game, Left vs Right, and expanding their portfolio with a new .io game variant..



IGDA Philippines 2013 -- "Naming Your Game", Howard Dy Go YouTube

DevCon Philippines 2013 -- "Creative Copying in Mobile Games", Howard Dy Go YouTube

Howard talks about SwipeTapTap on "Good News Kasama si Vicky Morales" YouTube


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Features and Recognition

  • "Spell n Link" - New + Updated Games (Google Play, Worldwide)
  • "AstroTails" - New + Updated Games (Google Play, Worldwide)
  • "SwipeTapTap" - New and Noteworthy (Apple App Store, Overall US)
  • "SwipeTapTap" - What's Hot (Apple App Store, Overall US)
  • "SwipeTapTap" - Staff Favorites (Apple App Store, Overall US)
  • "Word to Word" - What's Hot - Word Games (Apple App Store, Word Games US)
  • "Word to Word" - The Big Deal (Amazon Appstore, US)
  • "Word to Word" - Free App of the Day (Amazon Appstore, US)
  • "Word Stack" - Featured Premium Android Game (Amazon Appstore, US)
  • "Word Link" - Free App of the Day (Amazon Appstore, US)
  • "Left vs Right" - Free App of the Day (Amazon Appstore, US)
  • "Left vs Right" - Free App of the Day (Amazon Appstore, UK)
  • "Word to Word: Seasons" - Free App of the Day (Amazon Appstore, US)

Selected Articles

  • "When you think word games, you should think MochiBits, and vice versa."
    - Trevor Sheridan, Apple'N'Apps
  • Three app games that mean you'll never be lost for words
    - Rachel Bolton, Australian Financial Review
  • "Word to Word is a slightly different sort of word puzzle game that's easy to play and never gets old!"
    - John Bardinelli, JayIsGames
  • "SwipeTapTap has all the hallmarks of an instant classic. It’s addictive, easy to play, hard to master, and has a fantastic GUI. It’s a brain-straining ball of fun!"p
    - Lisa Caplan, AppTudes

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