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Summer 2016



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AstroTails is a fun spin on the classic river-crossing logic puzzle game. You may be familiar with the Farmer/Fox/Goose/Bag-of-beans puzzle or even the popular Japanese IQ test that was sent around the internet a few years ago.

The goal of AstroTails is to help all the animals escape the dying sun by moving them off the planet to the space station. You must transport them using a small ship that can handle up to two animals at a time, but you must also learn to work with the various rules associated with each animal.


We've wanted to finish this game for a long time. We love puzzle games and, believe it or not, we actually had all the puzzles finished in 2012. Our only issue was implementation and what technology we'd use to finish the game. Once we got comfortable with Unity, we felt it was a good time to make AstroTails a reality.

Working with Friends

We also wanted to work with our friend, Dominic, and this game was the right scope and length to do so. Dominic brought a solid Unity implementation background to the team, and without him, AstroTails wouldn't have been possible.

Thank you for your interest. We hope you enjoy the game!

-Kyle, Howard, and Dominic


  • 45 levels
  • Original puzzles based on river crossing logic games
  • Original music from Whitaker Trebella
  • Original artwork from Karen Teixiera


AstroTails - Teaser Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (727KB)


About MochiBits, LLC

Founded in 2010, MochiBits is an indie games studio designed with a vision to create exciting and original games derived from passion. Setting out on a mission to release games that provide endless hours of fun, the developers, Kyle Yamamoto and Howard Go, have built a reputation on their well-loved word games such as Word to Word, Word Wall, 4 Words.

Now setting out to follow a new path created by their passion, the developers are entering into an uncharted realm of game development. While they aren’t sure where the company’s future will lead, they know that it will be one driven by their passions for creating high quality games.

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AstroTails Credits

Kyle Yamamoto, MochiBits
Game Developer

Howard Go, MochiBits
Game Developer

Dominic Chang, Emplementation
Game Developer

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