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October 9, 2014

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In ORBB, a relaxing and challenging space game experience, players will be tasked with jumping from planet to planet to clear all of the stars. However, unlike typical games of its kind, players are provided with the opportunity to simply be immersed in the gameplay without worrying about plummeting to their death.

Designed with a beautifully detailed yet simplistic art style and 60 distinct levels to explore, ORBB invites players to take a deep breath, become entranced in the mesmerizing gameplay, and go on a journey to an undiscovered galactic world.

ORBB Inspiration

ORBB was inspired by the desire to create a game that provided a fresh perspective on the space game genre. To delve into the unexpected, the MochiBits team set out to create an experience that would provide players with a captivating and relaxing reprieve from the stress of everyday life—a space game with no death.

To further enhance the ORBB experience and stay true to the minimalistic style of the game, the MochiBits team thought through each detail to ensure it was designed with purpose. This is highly evident in the game’s art style, which is intended for players to feel as if they are viewing space through the lens of the Hubble telescope.

The developers didn’t ignore that some players live for a challenge in the games they play. To create a challenge for those seeking one, ORBB has time achievements that can be earned on each of the 60 levels. In order to beat them, players will need to be strategic and tap into their best hand-eye coordination skills.

The Developer's Journey

The MochiBits team spent months refining and honing in on ORBB until the end product was exactly as they had envisioned—a simple and fun relaxing escape that provided new elements not typically found in space games.

They hope you enjoy the captivating galactic world they worked so hard to create and have a relaxing experience as you float through space!


  • 5 phases
  • 60 unique levels
  • NO ads
  • NO in-app purchases
  • Original music from Whitaker Trebella, the creator of Pivvot and Polymer!


ORBB - Official Trailer YouTube

ORBB - Teaser Vine


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (962KB)


Selected Articles

  • "The visuals are uncomplicated but fun, the music is captivating, controls are effortless, and the stress-free gameplay is a nice break for many."
    - Christine Chan, AppAdvice
  • "It's a curious little puzzler that's a little bit different to the standard physics games that you usually get on mobile telephones, and that's kinda cool."
    - Peter Willington, AppSpy
  • "ORBB is a tranquil puzzle adventure that takes place in the vast reaches of outer space. If you can’t find peace in the never-ending vacuum of space, you’ll never find it."
    - Lori Gil, iDownloadBlog

Press Release (PDF)
ORBB, A Minimalist Space Experience Filled with Relaxation and Challenge , To Launch on iOS on October 9th mochibits.com.

About MochiBits, LLC

Founded in 2010, MochiBits is an indie games studio designed with a vision to create exciting and original games derived from passion. Setting out on a mission to release games that provide endless hours of fun, the developers, Kyle Yamamoto and Howard Go, have built a reputation on their well-loved word games such as Word to Word, Word Wall, 4 Words.

Now setting out to follow a new path created by their passion, the developers are entering into an uncharted realm of game development. Seeking to take their love of games to the next level, they are hoping to create an all-encompassing game experience for their players that will transport them from the stress of life into a calming galaxy. While they aren’t sure where the company’s future will lead, they know that it will be one driven by their passions for creating high quality games.

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